Research Management Task Force


  • Martina Chylkova, Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Chair
  • Gethin Owen, University of Hull (United Kingdom)
  • Roman Badik, Masarykova Univerzita (Czech Republic)
  • Gerhard Fuchs, Universität Leipzig (Germany)
  • Zuzana Lisoňová, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave (Slovakia)
  • Angie Mifsud, L-Università ta’ Malta (Malta)

For enquiries about the Task Force please contact: [email protected]

The Research Management Task Force aims to enhance the participation of its members in EU funded research projects. This shall be achieved by the development of a professional network of research supporters to make use of the different institutional cultures and approaches by sharing expertise and information.Role of the Task Force


  • Develop a network of research managers and administrators by creating a directory of key Research/Project Offices across UN member institutions;
  • Share best practice and develop expertise in research management by e.g. the organization of an annual “Research Managers Workshop”, mutually offering capacity to member institutions to participate in ‘in house’ events, and developing a discussion forum for topical, ad hoc questions and subjects;
  • Pave the way for joint EU research projects amongst UN member institutions.