A European Network with a Global Outlook

The Utrecht Network brings universities together from across Europe, with a common mission to share best practice and enhance the internationalisation process for both students and staff.

With 31 members in 26 countries, the Utrecht Network is particularly committed to areas of activity such as student and staff mobility, summer schools, the internationalisation of curriculum, joint curricula and double/joint degrees.

The Utrecht Network also has well established links with partner networks in the USA (MAUI Network) and Australia (AEN) and a newly established link with the Brazilian REARI-RJ Network, proving that it is indeed a European Network with a global outlook.



5th Research managers Workshop

The 5th Research Managers Workshop, organized by the Research Management TF took place successfully in Bratislava, on 28th – 30th May 2019.

Staff Training on Pathways of Institutional Support for Young Refugees

The Staff Training held at the Aristotle at the University of Thessaloniki on 18-21 June, 2019 was successfully completed.

AGM 2019

The UN 2019 AGM, hosted by the University of Latvia in Riga, on 9-10th April 2019, was a great success, with the “Interactive session on “International network –  engagement, benefits and developments”.

Flyer_Refugee Staff Training_2019

ST on Pathways of Institutional Support for Young Refugees will be held at the Aristotle at the University of Thessaloniki, on 18-21 June, 2019.

The 5th annual workshop for research managers and administrators will be held in Bratislava (Slovakia) at Comenius University, on 28th – 30th May 2019.

Svend Poller, Darja Lisjak, Violeta Osouchová,Katharina Pingel (for Lina Hörügel), Matteo Benni

The new initiative group called “international communication” met in Bologna to explore options to share the expertise, especially in using social media.


2020 Joint Steering Committee/Task Force Chairs meeting

The Utrecht Network Steering Committee and Task Force Chairs will be holding their annual joint meeting on 18th-19th February 2020.  The meeting will be hosted by the University of Bergen. 

2020 Research Managers Workshop

The Research Management Task Force is delighted to invite the research managers and research support officers to the 6th annual workshop for research managers and administrators. The Workshop 2020 will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) at the University of Ljubljana, on 31st March – 2nd April 2020.


Date of event: 22-Apr-2020 The 2020 Utrecht Network AGM will be held at the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul on 23nd-24th April 2020, with the following approximate schedule: Thursday 23rd April, 1.30 pm – 5 pm Friday 24rd April, 9.30 am – 16.00 pm Sarturday 25th April, social event: excursion (tbd) The Workshop, normally organized concurrently with the AGM, will […]