Pathways of Institutional Support for Young Refugees

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Staff Training on Pathways of Institutional Support for Young Refugees’ Access to Higher Education, Training and Employment

The Staff Training on Pathways of Institutional Support for Young Refugees’ Access to Higher Education, Training and Employment will be held at the Aristotle at the University of Thessaloniki, on 18-21 June, 2019.

The experience of the Aristotle University comes from the programme S.U.C.RE., which was a two-year KA2 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education with main objectives:

  1. to build the necessary guidelines and training material which will allow practitioners and stakeholders to facilitate the smooth integration of refugees in Higher Education and society;
  2. analyze the problems faced by European Higher Education Universities for the proper integration of students and scholars. 

The Staff Training aims to improve the capacity of the Partner Universities to assist young refugees and scholars at risk that reach out to them for support.

The training will build on the challenges identified during the first edition of the Refugee Staff week in Utrecht (June 2018). Several Issues will be elaborated such as the accreditation of prior learning, the requirements for entering HEIs, the administrative and financial short-comings, the linguistic and cultural barriers and the psychosocial support opportunities in various frameworks. Emphasis will be given on identifying current and future challenges, evaluate established programmes offered by partner Universities and other staff trainees and reach a consensus on good practices.

This training course is designed for academic and administrative staff at all levels, involved in young refugee and scholars at risk projects/initiatives or aiming at establishing one in their home university.

The training will be a comprehensive approach constituting of plenary and group sessions, as well as workshops which will focus on the following thematic fields: administrative processes and support, preparatory/language courses, psycho-social support and employability.

A maximum of 30 participants will be selected for the training.

Please note that participants are expected to cover their costs of travel, accommodation and dinners by themselves and to make necessary travel arrangements and reservations. The staff training is without fees and includes lunches and coffee breaks.

For more information and the online application, please visit the following link:
The registration is open until 6th May, 2019.

Infos: [email protected]