Summer School Grant

Utrecht Network Summer School Grant

The definition of a ‘summer school’ is a school which has been identified by the Summer School Task Force (and approved by the Steering Committee) as a Utrecht Network Summer School, even though a financial contribution may not be given to the school by the Network. Thus both funded and non-funded Utrecht Network summer schools will be eligible to distribute hospitality fund grants.

Each summer school (and there is a maximum of 3 per year) can allocate up to 31 grants of €250 each per year (this is based on the number of full Utrecht Network member institutions).

Each school (preferably its academic committee) decides on the allocation of the grants in a transparent manner:

  • One student per institution has priority based on performance (and other reasons applicable for the purpose of the school). Participants who are eligible for Erasmus+ ST funding cannot receive Summer School Grant – even if their home institution will not allocate ST funding for them.
  • If no students apply from a specific Utrecht Network institution, this un-used grant can be used for students from other member universities ranked lower than first. They will then be given to students from other Utrecht Network member institutions where more than one student applied.
  • The body who ranks the students (preferably the academic committee), allocates the grant with the consent of their home institution. Schools therefore first have to communicate with the Utrecht Network home institution of the student selected before they contact the students. However, in case of disagreement between the school’s decision and the recommendation of the student’s home institution the final decision lies with the school.
  • The school distributes the hospitality grants to the students (or reduces their fee accordingly) and then claims the funding from the Utrecht Network Secretariat.
  • The schools report on the allocation of Hospitality grants to the Summer Schools Task Force and the Steering Committee.