Utrecht Network Summer Schools

Utrecht Network summer schools are, in principle, a joint activity of Utrecht Network members. The international Utrecht Network summer schools are organised by a consortium of Utrecht Network members, taught by staff from different Utrecht network members. An international particpation is guaranteed. Students of several Utrecht Network universities and the American MAUI network and Australian AEN network participate in these summer schools.

2014 Utrecht Network Summer Schools

The following Summer Schools took place in 2014:

Professional English Summer Schoool (30 June - 11 July 2014)

Hidden Libraries Summer School (30 June - 11 July 2014)

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Summer School (7 -18 July 2014)

2015 Utrecht Network Summer Schools

The following Summer Schools will take place in 2015:

Professional English Summer School (Hull)

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Summer School - with the theme of fraternity or solidarity (Antwerp)

Further details on both summer schools will be available shortly.


Utrecht Network Hopitality Fund

Each school (and there is a maximum of 3 per year) can use up to 30 grants of € 250 each per year (this is based on the number of full UN member institutions).

Each school (preferably its academic committee) decides on the allocation of the grants in a transparent manner:




Utrecht Network Newsletter

The Autumn 2014 edition of the Utrecht Network Newsletter is now available here.
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Utrecht Network Summer Schools

The Utrecht Network will be running two summer schools in 2015 - Professional English (Hull) and Liberty Equality and Fraternity - with an emphasis on fraternity or solidarity (Antwerp).
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Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant

A special Utrecht Network grant of €1,000 is available for students (Master/PhD) who are not eligible for other grants (like ERASMUS). Deadline for applications is 15 October each year.
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