Utrecht Network international summer school

Borders of Europe: Inside-outside

 10 – 24th July, 2010  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

This summer school is a joint initiative of the member universities of the Utrecht Network. It will bring together students and academic staff from partner institutions in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia to study and discuss in interactive and intensive way the issue of Europe’s borders.
The European project brought down borders within Europe, but the issue of Europe’s borders remains central. The projection of European influence beyond its borders, and Europe’s relationship with the wider world, are vital concerns (foreign and security policy, trade and development, democratisation policies). The movement of persons within Europe and from outside of Europe highlights the importance of the questions of immigration, integration and multiculturalism. Meanwhile, the borders of Europe have shifted dramatically since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, with the expansion of EU borders to include 27 states. These issues have been fundamental to the project to reform the EU treaties and their importance is only underlined by global challenges, be they economic or security related.


  1. Defining European borders: inside – outside
  2. Territories and identities (non European views on Europe) 
  3. The European foreign policy
  4. Security
  5. Human rights
  6. Trade and Development
  7. Cross-border experiences (the local dimension)

A maximum of 50 students from Utrecht Network partners (European and associated members from overseas) are selected to participate in the summer school. The target group is advanced undergraduates, irrespective of their study background though some affinity with the subject is recommended. Student representatives or those having leading positions in student councils have some priority. Major selection criteria include maturity, motivation and the potential benefits from the programme.

The working language of the Summer school is English. In order to assure active participation of all students, a good command of English in all its aspects (spoken, written and comprehension) is a prerequisite.

No tuition fee is charged for participation in this Utrecht Network Summer School. Participants must however contribute towards the cost of the programme. The contribution for the 13-day-residential stay including accommodation, half board on weekdays, course materials, cultural programme and excursion amounts to 600 €. Utrecht Network member universities have been encouraged to contribute towards these costs by making available student grants. Students are requested to contact the international relations office of their university in order to apply for this scholarship where possible. ‘Utrecht Network Hospitality Fund Scheme’ offers a limited number of grants to students from Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Iasi, Krakow, Ljubljana, Riga, Tartu, Vilnius which entitles them to pay a reduced fee of 300 €.
Students from the following universities Aarhus, Antwerp, Belfast, Bologna, Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Cork, Graz, Iasi, Krakow, Leipzig, Madrid, Utrecht and Vilnius will be partially reimbursed for their travel expenses (Erasmus Intensive Programme).

Application deadline
Students can apply for this summer school till 7 May 2010

More information
You can find more detailed information abotu the programme, application and fees at www.bordersofeurope.eu/







Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant

A special Utrecht Network grant of €1,000 is available for students (Master/PhD) who are not eligible for other grants (like ERASMUS). Deadline for applications is 15 October each year.
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