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What is Utrecht Network
The Utrecht Network is a representative European-wide network of 32 European universities in 27 countries, cooperating in the area of internationalisation. Though broadly-based, the network remains highly selective in its membership in order to retain a manageable scale and flexibility of action. This makes the Utrecht Network an institutional network which covers a very broad base, while ensuring a manageable scale. The Utrecht Network is particularly committed to such areas as student and staff mobility, summer schools, the internationalisation of curricula, joint curricula and double/joint degrees, while remaining open to other kinds of activities that maintain and strengthen its profile.

At the present time, the Utrecht Network carries out a wide range of classic student and teacher mobility programmes. Within Europe, mobility is largely promoted within the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), as well as other programmes allowing for mobility of this type with neighbouring countries.

From its early years, the Utrecht Network has promoted administrative staff visits by individuals from member universities to other universities in the network. The intention has been to increase the professional expertise of the group as a whole and thus enable it to meet its primary goals more effectively.

Once a year, during the spring, all the members of the Utrecht Network meet at the Annual General Meeting. During this AGM, decisions are taken and future activities are plotted. The delegates are always those persons responsible for, or most closely involved in, the institution's general internationalisation policies and strategies.
As tools for achieving its ends, the Utrecht Network encourages the creation of special interest groups to explore new areas of activity. These may lead to the creation of specially focused Task Forces, which are provided with substantial long-term funding; seed money is also offered to New Initiatives, especially those aimed at initiating Utrecht Network participation in new projects.
The board of the network is the Steering Committee. It meets as often as necessary in order to ensure an effective response to topical issues and to take decisions that cannot be postponed. The daily business of the network and the support for the Steering Committte is organised by the part-time Executive Secretariat, located at the University of Hull.

Student exchange

The Utrecht Network started off as a small group that was active in student exchanges since the early 1980s. At the start of the ERASMUS programme, the existing activities were adopted as the first framework ICP, followed by a steady expansion in the number of partners and exchange students. Initially, this quick start formed the great advantage of the institution-wide approach taken by the Utrecht Network. At present, however, the fact that this construction makes practically every student, from each discipline and from all affiliated universities, a potential ERASMUS student, is regarded as the most important advantage. Furthermore, thanks to the large numbers involved, it is possible to correct possible "imbalances" which exist in the mobility, and means that the Utrecht Network can offer all participants a sound basis for broad student mobility. See where Utrecht Network can bring you in Europe.
Each academic year student mobility within the Utrecht network totals about 1200 students.

In the context of co-operation with the USA, too, the Utrecht Network functiones as a consortium, while planning and carrying out activities in the field of exchange. Together with the MAUI-consortium in the Mid-West USA, the Utrecht Network developed a system which makes student mobility possible within a wide variety of disciplines and between all participating universities. Approximately 100 students are exchanged each year. For more information, please proceed to the MAUI website.

The Utrecht Network exchanges students with AEN (Australian-European Network), a consortium of 7 universities in Australia. Approximately 50 students are exchanged each year. For more information, please proceed to the AEN website.



The Utrecht Network welcomes the Universitat de València

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Utrecht Network it was unanimously agreed that the Universitat de València should be admitted as a member of the Network.
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Utrecht Network Young Researchers Grant

A special Utrecht Network grant of €1,000 is available for students (Master/PhD) who are not eligible for other grants (like ERASMUS). Deadline for applications is 15 October each year.
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