Summer Schools

Utrecht Network summer schools are, in principle, a joint activity of Utrecht Network members. The international Utrecht Network summer schools are organised by a consortium of Utrecht Network members and taught by staff from different Utrecht Network members. International participation is guaranteed. Students from many Utrecht Network universities and from universities within the partner consortia overseas participate in these summer schools.

An Utrecht Network Summer School should follow the following principles:
a) an academic committee is organising and monitoring the content of the school;
b) the majority of institutions represented in the academic committee should belong to Utrecht Network;
c) the majority of participants (students and/or doctoral candidates) should belong to Utrecht Network and partner consortia, including locals, but not exclusively;
d) fees should be different for participants from within, including partner consortia, and outside Utrecht Network.

Further information about Utrecht Network Summer Schools (including information about hosting a Summer School) can be found here.

2020 Utrecht Network Summer Schools

WeTell Summer School is about innovating storytelling to address civic awareness in the post-digital age. WeTell Summer School will take place online from 1st to 30th November 2020.

Utrecht Network Summer School Grant

A financial contribution is given to the ASC Winter School 2020 by the Network. 

Information about the Utrecht Network financial support for students can be found here.