Welcome by the President

Welcome to the brand new website of the Utrecht Network! As a European-wide network of universities, the Utrecht Network has committed itself for many years to positive and prolific collaborations in the area of internationalisation.

After more than 25 years and scores of activities to meet changing needs, we thought it was high time to refashion the Network’s website in a way which reflects the Network’s active and contemporary spirit and its advancement, following the evolution of the internationalisation of Higher Education.

For the coming years the Utrecht Network is committed to reinforcing the internationalisation activities from within its members, starting from the consolidated mobility and staff training initiatives and proceeding to the piloting of innovative internationalisation practices aimed at the modernisation of higher education.

From a global perspective the Network is committed to building bridges between cultures through the development of mobility schemes and other internationalisation activities with partners in other continents. This starts with our partner Networks in the US and Australia and will proceed to Latin America and South Africa.

We hope that, with this new website, the activities presented are not only informative, but also inspiring – triggering off new ideas and projects further advancing the EHEA.

We now happily share our aims with you and also extend this open invitation: please feel free to send us comments, questions or suggestions for improvements. Anyway – please enjoy!

Francesco Girotti
President – Utrecht Network