Utrecht Network award

Utrecht Network Award

The Utrecht Network Award is awarded every Network Anniversary or during a Rectors meeting to a person who has made a major contribution to the Network.

To date there have been two recipients of the Award, Dr Jeroen Torenbeek, Universiteit Utrecht (2012) and Professor Gianni Galloni, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (2014).

2014 Award

Utrecht-Network-award-photo-WEBAt the 2014 AGM in Krakow, Utrecht Network President, Marita Foster, was honoured to present the 2014 Utrecht Network Award to Professor Gianni Galloni from the Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna. Gianni is one of the founding fathers of the Network and over the years has actively participated in a wide range of Network activities. His insight and enthusiasm have contributed much to the vision and structure of the Network we share today.

In particular, Gianni should be remembered as the instigator of the Summer School activity within the Network. For six years Gianni ran the Utrecht Network Summer School on Human Rights, Democracy and Inclusion. This Summer School provided the model for future Summer Schools, which have provided a platform for members of staff and students across the Network to collaborate and work together in a multi-disciplinary setting.

2012 Award

The first Utrecht Network award was presented to Dr Jeroen Torenbeek from the Universiteit Utrecht. Jeroen’s contribution to the Network cannot be underestimated – as the founding figure of the Network, Jeroen is responsible for laying the foundations of the Network, which have enabled the Network to grow and prosper. Jeroen and his early colleagues in the Network took the idea of interdisciplinary exchanges and developed it, encouraging new cooperations with Networks in the USA and Australia, which are still very successful today.